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“The body is a gateway; on the other side anything is possible.”
– Daria Casinelli, Lic. Ac.

What to Expect During a Milton Acupuncture Treatment


There are many different ways of practicing acupuncture that can affect the number of clients seen at one time, the number of adjunct modalities used and many other factors. In my practice I see one patient at a time and employ a variety of adjunct modalities in addition to acupuncture needles. Many other practitioners stagger their patients by running several rooms or treat several patients all together in one room. They many also not use adjunct modalities such as: moxa, cupping, press tacks, press balls, magnets, heat lamps or shiatsu. Or they may offer those modalities as a separately priced “add on.” I prefer to concentrate on one person at a time and to have the latitude to decided during the treatment which, if any, additional modalities I will employ and when.


Standard Treatment Procedure


I usually begin by checking in with the patient on one or two “benchmarks” that let me know how the treatments are progressing. For instance, when treating back pain I may ask for a “ten scale” rating or whether the patient was able to accomplish a particular task that week. Other examples of benchmarks, for depression or anxiety, for instance might be “Did you nap this week? Or visit friends?” Or, more obviously, “Did you have a headache this week?” “Are you pregnant?”


Part One


After getting an update of benchmarks and how your overall health was this week, I ask the patient to lay down face up on the treatment table. Disrobing is usually not necessary, loose clothing helps. I may press on various neutral parts of the body and ask about pain/check the pulse. Then I decide on a set of acupuncture points to address the particular malady and insert the needles.* The most active acupuncture points are below the knees and below the ankles and that is usually where the first needles are inserted.  I might choose to heat the needles up with moxa, massage sore areas or use ion pumping cords to amplify the effect of the needles. A few minutes after the needles are inserted patients usually fall in to a light sleep. Soft music helps. After 20 minutes I remove the needles.


Part Two


The patient lays on his/her stomach, usually removing a shirt (but leaving on a bra that unclasps in the back.) I insert needles on the posterior side and leave them in for 20 minutes, often adding suction cups (for a sore back)/heat.


Optional Part Three


There are several kinds of very tiny needles, press balls and magnets that can be taped onto the body and left in place for two days. These adjunct modalities extend the effectiveness of the treatment by activating the acupuncture point after the patient as left the treatment room. Often I suggest various forms of “homework” that is lifestyle changes that will help healing.


  • A recent change in the regulations governing the practice of acupuncture allows practitioners to insert needles with out swabbing the points with alcohol. However, you would prefer that the point be cleaned with alcohol, I would be happy to do so.